Facebook advertising

We managed hundreds of successful facebook advertising campaigns. If you need a reliable social media marketing company, get in touch, because we deliver.

Facebook advertising

Having a successful Facebook campaign can mean the world for your product launch and promotion. Often big companies neglect the importance of social media websites, among which Facebook is most important. With our great experience and thousands of dollars of managed campaigns we can guarantee success for you.

Our team of skilled professionals will set up and manage your Facebook campaigns.

We manage campaigns starting from $1.000 and we normally charge 30% for small scale campaigns (up to $3.000), 20% for campaigns from $3.000-$10.000 and just 10% for campaigns over $10.000.

To get a custom quote please contact us with details about the campaign (website, facebook page, product) that you want to advertise and we will get back to you in no time.

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published: 2015-07-13


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